Landscape I


Globalization and Urbanization are two major processes that affect our social, economic, cultural lives as well as our physical environment. The end of the last century faced a rapid and dramatic increase in urban population worldwide. Today more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Consequently, both natural and cultural landscape resources will continue to be under pressure. The deterioration of both natural and cultural resources raise the concerns on image and identity of urban landscapes and affects the identity of urban environments —— a personal account.


A changing urban landscape

A series of non-site specific and archetypical urban photographs which make a global process visible. Where mortals are mere extras in a quickly transforming urban landscape. Matt Plezier is interested in documenting these moments of change before they have completely disappeared and are forever forgotten. Bringing in view traces of insignificance and anonymity, spots that progress seems to have forgotten and people tend to ignore when passing by, but in essence represent the soul of the city.

Its format, the binder as book, reflects the process of a work in constant progress consisting of individual replaceable pages and with a content that can be supplemented. With some pages that obscure its complete picture and with the use of every day materials, formats and techniques this book seeks to experiment with narrative through content and form, inviting inter-activity with its observer.

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Pages: 122
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Edition: 55

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