Flat Earth

A Representative Idea On The Shape Of The Earth

This exhibition is a collection of works that Matt Plezier intended for Zenevloed’s illegal raves. The works are sourced and are part of his “Daily Dose” theme where he explores and investigates the media image and its perception. By copying, re-photographing and re-working the media images he contextualizes and disseminates these images. Works that has a poignancy and urgency to it notably in times of covid, when conspiracy theories are going mainstream and where the creation of alternative realities and fact free truths have become standard.

Cloaked in smoke and darkness and deafening beats the illegal rave was the perfect twilight environment for these works. Due to the impossibility of such events this is the first time that these works will see the light of day and are visible to the public.


Date: November 6 – 15, 2020
Artist run space: Jedan Osam Jedan / Rotterdam