Eight motivational posters. On the dividents of fear as revenue model in times of a fact free world.


The Crime And The Motive
It is said that imitation is a form of flattery but it is also an essential component of all
images that seek to capture a moment in an attempt to articulate a phenomenon of
meaning within temporal experience. As such, images are forever troubled by the
question that lies at the heart of ‘Your Home May Be At Risk If You Do Not Keep
Up Payments’: Is the visual representation of meaning forever bound to the imitation
of reality? The highest possible stakes are at play in this publication and in the
rephotographing of these absurdly choreographed and banal found images the
message is very clear:

The flattery of imitation is the banality of evil.

This message is wholeheartedly delivered through the meta-photographic
representation of these truly atrocious found images within the immediately
recognizable pitch-black background and white frame of the motivational poster. In
so doing, the intensity and ubiquity of the aesthetics of the banal is raised
exponentially, the inherent entropy of the found images is accelerated and this meta-
photographic method enters into an eerie documentary mode unwaveringly navigating
the thickest fog imaginable.
Steeped in the curious despair that all disorientated witnesses possess, the gaze is at
once repulsed and drawn in and as the grim perpetual aftermath of the image’s quest
for meaning is further revealed, a perceptual and hallucinatory metamorphosis begins
to take place but as Alfred Jarry noted: “Perception is only a hallucination which is
You’ve now stepped beyond the flimsy police tape and the austere white rectangular
borders holding the images slowly become windows made out of the precise chalk
lines of a barely perceptible crime scene whilst the accompanying motivational text
abruptly changes from bold and triumphant to barely legible. The context of
motivation deconstructs and reconstructs into the cold and austere representation of a
question of motive. The question however remains: who exactly is the
perpetrator…..What kind of sick, twisted individual could do such a thing?
Look closer if you dare.
Come on…..*
You can do it!**

John H.Philippakis, London, Mach 2020

*Your Home May Be At isk If You Do Not Keep Up Payments **Look behind you


Your Home May Be At Risk / If You Do Not Keep Up Payments

– Eight A2 Posters | 90gr HVO paper
– A3 cover | 270gr  recycled white paper
– Edition: 20

Photography and design by Matt Plezier