Your Home May Be At Risk

If You Do Not Keep Up Payments


Fear is persuasive. It’s automatic and, to some extent, out of our control.  It’s built into our operating system as a defense mechanism from the old days when the most important question was, “Can I eat it or can it eat me?” Getting people to take action in some cases seems to virtually require the use of fear. 

From ‘How To Sell Using Fear’


It is said that imitation is a form of flattery but it is also an essential component of all images that seek to capture a moment in an attempt to articulate a phenomenon of meaning within temporal experience. As such, images are forever troubled by the question that lies at the heart of ‘Your Home May Be At Risk If You Do Not Keep Up Payments’: Is the visual representation of meaning forever bound to the imitation of reality? … This message is wholeheartedly delivered through the meta-photographic representation of these truly atrocious found images within the immediately recognizable pitch-black background and white frame of the motivational poster. In so doing, the intensity and ubiquity of the aesthetics of the banal is raised exponentially, the inherent entropy of the found images is accelerated and this meta-photographic method enters into an eerie documentary mode unwaveringly navigating the thickest fog imaginable.

John H.Philippakis, London, March 2020


Eight motivational posters combining media images with alt-right text from blogs.


Size: A4
Posters: A2, folded to A4
Silkscreened Dustcover