Tonotopic I


Visitors seem to break free temporarily from the forced nuance of daytime congregation, with its hidden discrimination, bureaucracy, and normalcy. They find in the atmosphere of nightlife a new way to reconnect with their personal values.

Set, from Mediating the new politics of promoting events essay


The Zenevloed Collective, asked Matt Plezier to do visuals and create an installation for the Tonotopic rave. An illegal rave at a former morgue in the centre of Amsterdam! A location that does speak to the imagination and a perfect place to submerge yourself in a night of dark ambient and abrasive techno. For this rave six posters with collages of found footage and newspaper headlines were made. Creating different narratives. A visual reflection and exploration into the media’s (re)framing of news and its impact; a recurring theme of Matt Plezier.


Work: 6 media collages made and printed on abri format (118,5 x 175cm) and a video installation
Subject: Illegal Raving
Location: A former morgue, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Date: 19 – 01 – 2019