Deconstructed to the bare essentials

*ssthetic was a 7 issue zine series. A re-imaging of porn and a research into its iconography. Creating a new narrative combined with text from erotic stories and using reworked pornographic imagery. Deconstructed to the bare essentials.

Invited for the Ass Book Fair by Le Gros Monsieur who was also the first that subscribed to the R/NDOM zine series, Matt decided to produce a few queer publications for the fair. A subject he was not too familiar with, but it was so much fun to explore that it resulted in numerous different projects and its own menu header on the website.

The series was specifically produced for the Ass Book Fair (Palais de Tokyo, Paris) 2018 and 2019 edition.


Issue 06 —– BUY HERE

Issue 07 —– BUY HERE


Riso printed and post production by We Make It (Berlin)