SMOKE / A perpetual Calendar

Disasters And Other Unseen Phenomena

Smoke a temporary state, fleeting, always going up, evaporating in thin air. A by-product of a chemical reaction, a signal and warning sign of something disruptive. Or a figurative state to obscure and hide information.

Smoke is a series of re-photographed images found in newspapers. The cause of the smoke in these pictures is hard to determine, zooming in on the smoke alone , creating a smokescreen. A metaphor for the fact free and fake news times we live in. Focusing on semantics and stripped of context.

Bound as a calendar, a perpetual calendar, one that doesn’t indicate a date or day and can go on forever. Over and over again, a vicious circle.

Daily Dose is a series of pictures that I’ve started in 2015 and are made with an iPhone by zooming in on newspaper images. The images did make the headlines. Seeing them now it is hard to remember when, where and why they were taken. Like news, with its short expiry dates, where topics get rehashed, warped, distorted, blown up, changed and again forgotten.
Obscuring the truth.


– 12 page A4 booklet | 250gr  recycled white paper
– Wrap around dustcover
– Edition: 25

Photography and design by Matt Plezier