The DIY process critiques mass production through the very handmade quality it embraces, but also in the process of appropriating the images and words of mainstream media and popular culture. Arguably, the DIY approach reached its peak in the 1990s and still continues today, having been co-opted into the worlds of commercial mainstream lifestyle magazines and advertising which trade on its association with punk authenticity.

Teal Triggs



Matt Plezier learned silkscreening in various squats of Amsterdam. Squats were well organized, equipped and self sufficient. Every city had a big squat with next to living quarters there were printing facilities, an infoshop, restaurant and a gig space. Squats were multi purpose spaces, places where different communities congregated.

After having learned the trade he built his own silkscreen space at home and started printing shirts, posters and record covers for bands on Coalition Records and bands on tour. DIY culture has always been an integral part of he has done things and are good skills to have that are applicable in self publishing.