The prequel to this book came in the form of a binder, an everyday generic office supply product, but an important tool for the bureaucrat, a repository where he/she organizes incoming information creating structure and order. The binder is a deliberate choice, it reinforces the idea of a work in process. A process of constant rejuvenation and maintaining this illusion.

For this publication I’ve choosen an archival format. Another, more powerful, tool for the bureacrat to ‘reconstruct and represent the stories of the past’ and thereby creating legitimacy as points of truth. Using this form, an archival box within which I collect and archive data of the urban landscape; archetypical photo’s of traces and residue, things that generally do not find its way into an archive. Hereby creating an archive of things unnoticed, unseen and ignored. They become part of a process of ‘conciousness and meaning production’ which is integral to archiving. Hereby validating and recognizing that which is invisible to most. Presenting a non-representative reality.

> Essay: Un-Folding Structures by Setareh Noorani


Landscape 02 / Life Without Structures

– Green Archival Box
– Silkscreened Bandarol
– 4 Chapters | 3 Binders
– Print: Silkscreen, riso and digital
– Edition: 25

– Intro text by Geert-Jan Davelaar
– Essay by Setareh Noorani

Concept by Matt Plezier