Landscape II


The Way a body relates to a new space is often aided by the residues of past spaces, building a complex and multi layered archive of associations

Setareh Noorani, September 2019


Notice The Unnoticed

We are missing so much of what goes on around us. Not only because that’s just how the human brain works, but now our attention is increasingly absorbed by our digital devices. It can feel like our blind spots are expanding. Navigating the city streets full of traffic jams, digital advertisements and crowds of people we ignore disregarded objects like fractured tarmac, peeling paint, abandoned furniture and flattened waste. It’s these neglected objects that exist in some in-between space in urban centres all over the world which Matt Plezier has documented in his Cracks in the Sidewalk series. Like contemporary spirit photography the ghosts are not the undead inhabitants of our homes but ephemeral sidewalk scenes.

GJD, September 11, 2019


An eleborate and big book in archival form. A research into the changing city in neo-liberal times as an archetypical phenomenon through the documentation of traces that people leave behind.

Box Dimension: 25 x 34 x 5 cm (9.8 x 13.38 x 2″)
Books: A4 size (11.7 x 8.3″)
Weight: 1.8 kg
Edition: 25
Silkscreened, riso and digitally printed