R/NDOM is a photo zine project by Matt Plezier. Every issue has a different theme, coming from a selection of his own works or curated bij another visual artist invited for the zine.

Issue 30 / Pozo A Tierra (Final Issue)

The last issue in the R/NDOM zine series. Closing it off with a roadtrip I’ve made through Peru back in 2006. Its probably one of the first trips that inspired me to make photo’s instead of just archiving usable imagery. The zine series went from end of 2014 till 2018, publishing 30 issues in total.

– 2 A3 Poster | 115gr blueback paper
– 24 page A5 booklet | 250gr  recycled white paper
– 2 A6 postcards | 300gr recycled white paper
– Packaged in silkscreened kraft envelope
– Edition: 45

Photography and concept by Matt Plezier