When Vincent asked me to participate at the Paris Ass Book Fair I was a bit surprised, till now my work has never had a queer slant to it. But excited of the prospect to do something completely different and something that is outside of my comfort zone, inspired me to make new kind of work. One that involved porn content, something that was made to shock, fun and to be in your face. 

And I intended to do just that. For the fair I’ve made a series of shirts in a very limited amount, some came with a zine. It was a try out and I wanted to see how people would react to this type of work. In a way I went back to my roots and copied porn images until they were barely visible and readable. The idea is that if you wear the shirt you can’t see it from up close but from a safe distance you can. Safe as in you have time to run when people find out your are walking around with a man sucking cock. Sex definitely sells. In no time I’ve sold all the shirts.

The fair was inspiring, being an exhibitor at the Palais De Tokyo is hard to beat and you always meet new people as well as older friends. Hanging out with the Unity Press guys and BeBe press was no punishment and meeting other publishers . Bad for my wallet though, picking up new titles from Crooked Fagazine, Pink Mince, Leather Bound, Hot Dave and a whole slew of other zines and publications.

Hopefully we’ll meet around the same time next year @ Palais de Tokyo.


> Unity Press

> Crooked Fagazine

> Pink Mince 

> HOT Dave