FRUIT / Bologna Art Book Fair

The Fair season has started, and this was the first fair of the year for me. Located in the beautiful city of Bologna and in a stunning Palazzo in the centre of the city. At arrival the immense hall took me by surprise. Just being here made it into a great fair already. Sadly I felt ill after a few days, had the flu and stayed in the hotel bed for the remainder of the Fair overlooking the snowy roofs across the street.

Sadly my experience with Fruit is very limited. Ido, who was manning my table told me the people were very interested and that was translated into good sales. Too bad I couldn’t be there myself to talk to the people and to meet up with some good friends who were also here. But all in all I can look back at a very good fair, even though I was not present myself. Hopefully I’ll be back next year to explore more of the city and the fair.