DIY Cultures / London

On May 14 I participated at the DIY Cultures Fair in London. This was the most diverse fair I have attended so far. With zine publishers from all over the world and with different ethnic backgrounds. A lot of the zines were activist based and had a certain engagement that was refreshing to see.

One day is too short for an event like this, with so many interesting things to see and workshops to participate in. The place was crowded, lines were forming to get in. Feedback to my work was great, I met many other zine makers and even a few shops that want to carry R/NDOM or Daily Dose. More on that soon.

Eventhough it only lasted for a day. DIY Cultures was really inspiring. Seeing another side of zine culture that you normally don’t see at other fairs that are more focused on the art side of things. Definitely worth a visit and it was great to be part of this.