Zenevloed Invites Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Zenevloed invited Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, a Berlin record label, for a showcase at Radion (Amsterdam). They have been booking some of the most exciting underground noise, techno producers / dj’s and labels for their events these past two years. The driving force behind Zenevloed are Set and Karl (Kujo), two pioneers,  passionate about giving this music a platform, booking acts that are off the beaten track pushing the boundaries of the musical genres.

After having made various posters for the collective, I feel honored that I was asked to make a visual installation for the Aufnahme + Wiedergabe club night this time. The installation were six big 1x3m banners in the bar area. Based on my re-photographed newspaper photo’s I’ve created a colorful yet very nihilist set of banners. Appropriate for this night of dark and bleak noise and techno in a concrete bunker. Where the DJ’s fired their harsh beats without compromise on the crowd, destroying space and time.



Chloe Lula
Codex Empire (live)


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